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Plaro app is a new, thrilling sex game for couples and alike, with over 500 cards and game board actions encouraging couples and singles to spice-up their relationship with their lover/sex partner. The Plaro couple game contains various romantic, flirty, erotic and kinky questions and dares that can be played by either heterosexual or LGBTQ+ people.


This game is very well thought out and a lot of fun to play. My wife and I have only had it for a couple of days and have been enjoying the incredible variety and easy flow of the game. We liked this game so much, that we're sharing it with our swinger community groups. There are two things that would make this game above else. Firstly, allow redraws in the event of drawing a card that someone's uncomfortable with. Second, allow more than 4 players. This game is perfect for swingers parties!

Very well designed and fun game





Free Plaro couples board game app for mobile, tablet or PC. A feature-packed couple game with new romantic, intimate and sexual instructions with truth questions and daring tasks that allows couples explore their sex life/relationship. Experience as a couple on a date night, or in a group together. Race around the Octagon completing unique, romantic tasks collecting Ultimate fantasy cards. First player to complete all the trips around the board wins the game and acts out their best favourite sexual fantasy card. You can compete against your partner or challenge another couple.

When lucky enough to spin the game changing Love Arrow, you land on further hot, naughty instructions. You can change your position from losing to winning against your partner or another couple! Or make a new rule, play Truth or Dare or further indulge in steamy sexual pleasure!


Over 500 Plaro Playing Cards

This new couple game app contains over 500 Plaro playing cards. The cards can be played in the couple board game or as a card game only. Cards include questions and dares on relationship topics, love, romance, foreplay, roleplay, and beginner to advanced sex acts for couples/adults.

And Much More


Plaro app has a level to suit every couple game. Level 1&2 involve kissing, romance and relationship questions, whereas level 3&4 are advanced, filthy questions and erotic sexual tasks. The games heat up and tasks get more arousing for couples involved.


The Plaro couple game is fully customizable. Are you up for just a chat about your relationship or with another couple? Select level 1 only game and don’t move on until you’re ready. If you’re already horny and comfortable with your partner or another couple, jump into sexy level 4!


Have your own ideas for Truth or Dare? Add your own cards to the board game or card game. Find new Plaro card expansion packs and add them to experience it as a couple game, with your partner or in a group.


Sex game app Plaro is designed for couples or single adults who are looking to experiment and find pleasure. Either you are a new couple or looking to hook up and have some flirty fun with your partner or in a group. Jump straight into level 3 & 4 and experience sexual questions, tasks, and dares with your lover / couple / date.


There is no compromise on quality in this sex game, with plenty of outstanding features and new features being constantly introduced. Experience vivid colours in full 4K 2160p stream on your TV.


Plaro sex game was designed with diversity in mind. No matter what your sexual preference, heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or other person, there are hot, fun, intimate, romantic and sexual questions, dares and tasks to experience, whatever your relationship status.

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